Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, LICSW, CGP,FAGPA
Psychiatric Social Worker
Individuals, Couples, Group Psychotherapy
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I believe each individual is born with a “river of health” surging through them.  Then depending upon circumstances, “boulders” are dumped into the river blocking off the natural flow of energy, health, and vitality.  People seek therapy with some sense that something is in the way of their wellbeing.  Since completing graduate school at The University of Chicago in 1968, I have focused on learning to be a truly effective “agent of change,” working with individuals, couples, and groups.  I heard the singer James Taylor say in an interview that “unconditional love can melt a stone.”  I know that relationships can harm people – and they can heal people.
groupsHow I Can Help

I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups in my office in Washington DC.  My specialties are individual therapy, including treatment for trauma, group therapy and marriage counseling/couples therapy using the Imago approach.  I am also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

An Authentic Relationship

My job is to find ways to build an authentic relationship with whoever comes to see me to provide as much safety as possible so that the individual can see what is in the way of their being more alive, vibrant, more their “true self.”  For some after a period of individual work, I may suggest group therapy for a “corrective family experience.” Having done groups for over 40 years, I am continually impressed with the power of a good group.  If only everyone had one!

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Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, LICSW, CGP,FAGPA
4920 45th St., NW, Washington, DC 20016

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A Safe Space for Couples

With couples my work is to provide a safe space for the couple to slow things down and learn, in essence, to develop “an owner’s manual” for each other’s nervous system.  What triggers the other?  What soothes them?  We work on developing new ways to express their feelings and needs, their fears to each other.  I teach them that under “bad behavior” is fear, hurt and pain.  We are each biologically wired to connect – from the first sentient moment to the last!
What I think we really need to know
  •     How to trust one other person – so that you can then learn to trust yourself
  •     That a real woman or a real man is both tough and tender
  •     That intimacy and autonomy are not mutually exclusive
  •     That we must learn to forgive our parents for doing unto us what was done unto them
  •     That we must always raise our tolerance for anxiety – the anxiety of displeasing others, of disappointments, losses, etc.
  •     That we strive for total honesty within – knowing that total honesty elsewhere is unwise
  •     That we must find the Courage to Be

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